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Games Showcase

The GDIAC Games Showcase is held annually at the end of the school year during finals week. This showcase consists of student games made for CS/INFO 3152, CS/INFO 4152 and independent study projects. The showcase is always open the public.

The showcase is not just an exhibit; it also serves as the final exams for the students involved. Vistors are encouraged to actively play the games, and audience reaction is a factor in the student’s final grades. An award ceremony at the end recognizes both the most popular, and the most innovative, games made that year.

After the showcase many (but not all) of the games are made available in the gallery.

2020 Games Showcase

Our Discord Showcase is over. It appeared to be a success. We saw 685 people accept our Discord invites. Streaming was a bit challenging for the mobile games, but all-in-all it was a fun experience.

We do plan to keep this website up for a while (we are transitioning to a new GDIAC website).
So feel free to download some of the games and keep playing.